Form and function are equally important in the design of a race facility. The race track must be user friendly to a variety of different customers and must meet the operating requirements of a wide range of racing and related activities. To be successful, today's multi-use facility must integrate these conflicting requirements into its concept, final design and construction.

Most importantly, a race track must be designed as a cohesive element within the overall race facility in a manner that ensures the ability to operate the entire complex as cost effectively as possible, with the goal of allowing the facility to operate profitably.

WilsonDesign race tracks have become an industry standard, earning praise from track owners, managers, drivers, safety officials, fans and the media.

A WilsonDesign race track incorporates the many needs of promoters, competitors, spectators, sanctioning bodies, insurers, sponsors and television into a facility that offers maximum utilization, and multiple and simultaneous activities for a wide range of events, functions and activities.

INTEGRATED DESIGN - Alan Wilson works with engineers, architects, construction managers and the many different sub contractors involved in the design and construction process of the race facility to provide them with clear, concise and detailed plans and directions that enable each group to maximize their input at the lowest cost and in the shortest time. Wilson recognizes that many of these groups have little or no race facility specific experience and therefore provides a hands-on and ongoing back-up service throughout the design and construction process.

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION GUIDELINES - Wilson Motorsport provides their clients with comprehensive design and construction guidelines which incorporate important facts and information, specifications, guidelines, directions and explanations to ensure that all contractors have access to the information they need to undertake their roles. These guidelines encompass the experience gained over more than forty years of track management design and operations by Wilson Motorsport management.

DESIGN FOR OPERATIONS - Having operated a wide variety of race tracks and events, Alan Wilson is able to ensure that his designs specifically address all operational needs in order to maximize efficiency, reduce overhead and staff costs and to ensure that the facility meets the needs of all appropriate sanctioning bodies and users.

DESIGN PHILOPOSPHY - WilsonDesign race facilities meet the specific needs of its customers, recognizing that circuits must have different characteristics that over time will create strong traditions, customer loyalty and inherent value. Their track layouts are notable for their raceability, with overtaking potential maximized; for their technical challenge which serves to draw customers back over and again, and for their high levels of safety. 

DESIGN FOR USE - Modern motor sport encompasses a wide variety of different user groups, often with contradictory needs. These include motorcycles with exceptionally high safety requirements, historic cars which require smooth flowing layouts, modern single seaters which are often best served by sharp multiple corner tracks and race schools with their need for technical corners that teach and challenge drivers. Add to these the growing need to serve the recreational, non-competitive high speed driver/rider and the complexities of design goals for a modern track are evident.

WilsonDesign tracks have earned a reputation for meeting these needs with layouts that enable all to operate at the highest levels of safety while encouraging great racing and being fun and challenging to drive.

DESIGN FOR SAVINGS - It is very easy to spend inordinate sums of money building a modern race facility. Wilson Motorsport has a strong reputation for generating designs and layouts that minimize construction and operating costs. Wilson's experience has saved their clients many hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing costly mistakes and by reducing unnecessary expenditures.

UNIQUE DESIGNS - A WilsonDesign race track is a unique, cost effective facility offering ease of construction and operation, the lowest possible maintenance requirements and operating costs and an environment conducive to the maximum enjoyment of auto racing.

Our experience in facility management and operations ensures that our designs are always geared toward the ultimate goal of profitability.


Wilson Motorsport offers award-winning, industry recognized expertise in the important and complex world of motor racing safety, a crucial element of the motor sports environment that encompasses spectators, officials and competitors alike. Wilson Motorsport is experienced in all forms of track and facility safety and provides creative and cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of challenges faced by circuit operators.


  • Designed to meet all appropriate sanctioning body and insurance requirements
  • Tailored to meet the individual requirements of specific situations and locations
  • Barrier Systems, Debris Fences, Tire and other Impact Reduction Barriers, Curbs, Gravel Traps, Run-Off areas  and other safety systems
  • Review and re-design of existing safety systems, track layouts and major accident locations


  • Review, evaluation and analysis of existing safety systems and procedures
  • Development of new safety systems and procedures
  • Integration with sanctioning body and insurance company procedures 


  • SCCA recognized track safety inspections
  • Confidential evaluation of existing and proposed track safety plans 


  • Inspection and review of motorcycle and kart race facilities and tracks
  • Complete safety services for motorcycle and kart racing 


  • Coordination with industry leaders in race facility and event insurance

Wilson Motorsport is unique in having designed and/or installed safety systems for Formula One, CART, FIA World Endurance, World Superbike, International Motorcycle, Grand-American, ALMS, IMSA and SCCA for road courses, infield oval courses, street race facilities, kart tracks and driver training centers and in having operated in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Asia. Wilson Motorsport is an Official Track Safety Consultant to the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).


Wilson Motorsport is much more than a just track design and safety company. Since 1978 they have managed major facilities, provided management services to a wide range of companies, have operated major international race events and race series and have provided expert advice to numerous companies, sanctioning bodies and groups in the fields of motor sport management, promotions and organization.


  • Development of major car and motorcycle racing events
  • Management of major car and motorcycle racing series
  • Consulting services to event operators - operations, marketing, community outreach, sanctioning body relationships, television, insurance, media, credential services
  • Hospitality and sponsorship coordination


  • Development of major race series
  • Management of major race series

Consulting services to race series operators - series development, operations, marketing, community outreach, sanctioning body relationships, television, insurance, media, credential services


  • Review of project plans - new facilities and events
Wilson Motorsport has been instrumental in managing major street race events, Formula One Grands Prix, World Superbike Championship events, FIA World Sports Car Championship events, major international race series and international sports car races. They have helped many clients develop their own race facilities, events and programs and have worked with major automobile companies in their racing programs. More than 40 years of exceptional experience are available to Wilson Motorsport clients.
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