“… It’s a privilege to be asked how I feel about this place…..because the facilities, the people who run it and the security staff are all top notch. I have never seen anything so well put together…It’s a great circuit. I just can’t say enough about Miller Motorsports Park. This place speaks volumes when you look around this great track….”
Nigel Mansell - FI World Champion and IndyCar Champion

“……. Miller Motorsports Park is one of racings surreal tracks. …. It is a cracker of a modern track, with corners galore and a couple of very good ones to boot ….”
Gary Watkins - Autosport

“…I love it…its fantastic…”
Mad Maladin – Multiple AMA National Motorcycle Champion

“…. This is probably my favorite track in the whole series….this is more of a proper race track…It’s a pleasure to ride around…”
Neil Hodgson - World Superbike Champion

“…Miller Motorsports Park is the best race track in America….”
Neil Hodgson - World Superbike Champion

“….. This (the Clubhouse to Main Straight Section) is the complex that shows the technical challenge that Miller Motorsports Park is. That section reminds me of how much thought and experience plays into the design by Alan Wilson and his team. To create a section that’s fast and flowing but still ultra technical and difficult is a compromise that’s hard to find. It’s just a great design…….”
Patrick Long - Porsche Factory Driver

“….. I have to say it’s a world class facility. .... I have been to a lot of racetracks in the world, in Europe, Asia and South America and certainly this racetrack is one of the best I have ever come across……”
Gil de Ferran - Indy 500 winner, IndyCar Champion and Honda F1 Team manager

“…….. I love it…It’s one of those tracks that just naturally feels very good to me. I love the flow of it, I love the challenges and I love the high speed corners, which are pretty rare these days. I think it has a really good mixture, and I can’t wait to come back ……..”
Scott Sharp - Trans-Am Champion and ALMS Driver

“…. Miller Motorsports Park is going to be the new benchmark against which all race facilities in America are going to be judged, and with such a strong emphasis on safety, family and fun, it can only benefit the sport of motor racing, be it on two wheels or four…..”
Neale Bayly - Moto-Euro Magazine

“….. The facility was pretty amazing. It was really great to drive there. The track is so long and has everything – ups and downs, long corners and short corners. It is very technical. The facility is huge and it is a compliment to the people who built it up….”
Timo Bernhard - Penske ALMS team driver

“ I really love the track…I think it’s a brilliantly designed circuit. You feel from driving it that someone really intelligent has designed it. It’s all about keeping momentum. … it’s really quite technical but very satisfying….”
Lord Paul Drayson – Aston Martin driver and British Member of Parliament

"Miller Motorsports Park was named Motorsports Facility of the Year today by the Professional Motorsport World Expo at a gala event held in Cologne, Germany and attended by over 1,500 people.
Carolyn Ashburn,

Miller Motorsports Park named as SBK World Superbike Championship “Organizer of the year - 2008."


“…… Mr. Wilson is the acknowledged pre-eminent designer of tracks today, building in safety features, like the run-off areas at Barber, that look like sand traps on a golf course, and mixing curves. Straights, angles and flats to challenge drivers….”
Phil Patton - New York times

“….. If the AMA hasn’t already bestowed track designer and Miller GM with every award they can possible think of, they better get on it…."
Dean Adams - Editor Superbike

"...Alan Wilson, the world's most prolific race track designer..."

"... Wilson may be the county's premier professional racing facility designer ..."
"... Safety is a very big concern to Wilson. He specifies runoff areas and gravel traps instead of barriers everywhere possible, and insists every runoff be as smooth as a golf course fairway to reduce the chance of rollover ..."
"... Another characteristic of a Wilson track is an empty infield, which saves the expense of bridges or tunnels as well as simplifying the infrastructure ..."
ARTIST OF THE APEX - Autoweek -  Article by Pete Lyons

“…Mr Wilson is the acknowledged pre-eminent designer of tracks today, building in safety features, like the runoff areas at Barber, that look like sand traps on a golf course, and mixing curves, straights, angles and flats to challenge drivers.”
“…Wilson is the guy right now,” said Mr Raynal of AutoWeek magazine. “I would say he is the Robert Trent Jones of tracks.”
Phil Patton – The New York Times

“…Having Alan Wilson’s guidance has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in building and operating MPH. From better insurance rates to efficient designs. He’s always available to answer questions even after the sale…”
George Anderson – Owner Motorsports Park Hastings

“…Vancouver was designed without the advice of Alan Wilson. This was a mistake – it is not a very good circuit. Perhaps next year they will hire Mr. Wilson and have a good circuit…”
Carroll Smith

“…St Petersburg, is badly designed. Once more they did not hire Alan Wilson, the only man in this country who knows how to design circuits properly…”
Carroll Smith

“…Each road course has a unique personality. Wilson approaches projects with the concept of an artist, shaping and reshaping the twists and turns until he is finally satisfied with the entire course….”
John Gilbert - Minneapolis Star Tribune


"... I gotta be honest, I love this track. I really dig it. I am elated with it. (Track designer) Alan Wilson has done a magnificent job with this race track - it's totally bitchin', it's safe and it's challenging.  There are high speed left hand corners we never see on any of the other tracks we go to. I can get the bike to do such beautiful drifts through there, just smooth controlled drifts that you can control with the steering. This place, as far as I am concerned, is the new standard, it's the full package ..."
Tom Kipp -  Yamaha factory rider -  AMA Superbike Championships -  Roadracing World

"... My hat is off to the promoters, they obviously took motorcycles into consideration when they designed this place ..."
Miguel Du Hamel -  Honda factory rider -  AMA Superbike Champion


“…. I wanted to tell you that you designed a wonderful technical English short circuit…”
Sam Moses – Autoweek

“….track designer Alan Wilson put a trick into almost every turn on the track ….. the course requires many subtle steering and throttle adjustments to guide the car through the corners. The corners aren’t just brake hard, turn in and floor it when you come out. The challenge the course presents to the skills of the driver make it extremely satisfying to drive…..”
Jim Waldeman - The Steering Wheel (BMW Owners Magazine)

"GingerMan must be a great track for racing. Opportunities for passing abound with so many different lines possible through the corners. Once they got their lines down drivers were smiling and nodding their heads when asked if they liked the track….”
John Mueler - Chicago Scene

"... This track is not only in a pleasant location, it is an awesome track ... the track provides a combination of high speed, link-them-together turns and slide-it-sideways four wheel drifting ..."
Jim Waldeman -  The Steering Wheel (BMW Owners Magazine)

"...GingerMan was the perfect setting for this kind of low-pressure, club orientated mechanical showdown. Renowned circuit designer Alan Wilson made good use of the gently undulating topography and kept focused on the twin goals of challenge and safety when he did the original layout. And, although there are no long straight-aways or mighty, high speed corners that make your hands involuntarily tighten up on the wheel, it is a devilishly complex and technical little circuit and a very difficulty place to knit together a perfect lap. Let alone a bunch of them. Plus there's a wonderful flow and rhythm to it once you've learned your way around. Best of all (especially at an event like this) the penalty for overcooking things is never much more than an embarrassing trip through the weeds, as there is plenty of smooth, grassy runoff in all directions to absorb overdoses of bravery or adrenaline ..."
Sports Car International


"... Each road course has a unique personality. Wilson approaches his projects with the concept of an artist, shaping and reshaping the twists and turns until he is satisfied with the entire course ..."
John Gilbert -  Minneapolis Star Tribune

"... The Trans-Am competitors who showed up in Minneapolis discovered that the ... course was slightly improved over last year, when it was felt it was among the best street circuits in the country ..."
On Track

“…This is the best street course we race on… it has the perfect blend of being great to drive on alone, like Detroit, but un-like Detroit, it’s also great to race on.”
Tommy Kendall – Trans-Am Champion


"... We picked Alan Wilson as our designer after debating and deciding that we even needed one. We knew we had to have SCCA approval of the track for safety, so it was best to design that in up front rather than after the fact. As it's turned out, he's saved us what we paid him many times over in picking the right vendors and the right layout ..."
Bob Humphreys - Track Owner -  Racer Magazine

"... I think Alan has a good vision that what the country needs is tracks that work economically at the hobby level and can host one or two pro events a year. That will build a grassroots road racing wave like there is with the circle track guys. Hopefully, our track is another step in that direction ..."
Racer Magazine

“…..Whoever laid this race track out did a super job, added Rudd, who has raved about CMP since testing there….”
David Caraviello - Post and Courier

“… It’s an impressive facility…A racer laid this thing out because it’s a really smart track. It’s is a better track than (Sears Point, Watkins Glen) …”
Ricky Rudd – NASCAR racer

“…From the designer of GingerMan Raceway comes the latest and greatest for club racers, Carolina Motorsports Park. CMP challenged riders to find their lines, gearing, shift points, but run-off room and overall safety were not a problem as no ambulance moved all week-end…”
RoadRacing World Magazine

“ …what may be the safest track in America….”
RoadRacing World Magazine


“… I have to say, this is one of the most interesting street courses I’ve ever run. Every corner is unique…”
Pete Halsmer – Indycar driver

“… SCCA and IMSA racers have said that the circuit around the Reunion arena has been one of the country’s best street courses…..”

“…. A reward for aggressive driving …. The track utilizes a combination of runways, taxiways and access roads. It sounds dull and boring, but it isn’t. It is, in fact, a really good race track with a challenging combination of fast and medium speed corners, some of which are linked. The track rewards aggressive driving, which makes for a good event….”
Carroll Smith - Racers Travel Guide


“… Denver, the newest street course in the country, is one of the best….”
Carroll Smith - Racers Travel Guide

"... The inaugural (1990) Denver was the best organized (as well as the best attended) first year race I have ever attended ..."
Carroll Smith - Racers Travel Guide


"...It was about the same under race conditions, except that it was a whole lot safer..."
Jason Da Sva - AMA Rider 

".It's a lot smoother and a lot safer ... The approach is good, the exit's good and I like the way it feels coming out..."
Matt Wait - AMA Rider


“ … Having Alan Wilson’s guidance has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in building and operating MPH. From better insurance rates to efficient designs. He’s always available to answer questions even after the sale…”
George Anderson – Owner


“…probably the best new race track in the world …”
Bike Magazine

“…the best facility in the whole world, and I mean that sincerely … “
Ben Bostrom – World Superbike rider and AMA Champion

“…When it comes to facilities, presentation and ambience, Barber Motorsports Park sets the standard by which most other tracks will be judged. And it’s one hell of a thrill to drive….”
Burt Levy - Vintage Motorsport Magazine

“…. The Barber track is unbelievably great, the pavement, the curbs, grass, sculptures, staff, all are first class. But the layout is the best part. A roller coaster of uphills, drops, camber changes and blind corners. Totally cool and challenging. I never road such an exciting track, and that includes some of the best in the world, not just the United States…”
Rich Oliver - Multiple 250cc National Motorcycle Champion

“…. Its precision driving here. It’s a truly fabulous course…”
Hurley Haywood - Multiple Le Mans, Sebring and Daytona sports car winner

"...from my perspective, after listening to Yate's comments following his sessions on the track, the place could possibly become home to some of the best road racing that we will see in North America - for cars as well as bikes. It's the closest thing we have to any of those ass-kicking European facilities we all watch on Speed - and in my unbiased opinion - it's better..."
Landers Sevier - Roadracingworld Magazine

"...The new track is being built on a scale I had scarcely imagined. It's a beautiful, wide, 2.4 mile circuit, that sweeps up-and downhill in a natural amphitheater setting amid the pines, but with large grassy run-off areas, full landscaping with shrubs and flowers, huge paved paddock areas, a large lake and numerous access roads to hillside seating. When it's done, it should look like a well-groomed combination of Watkins Glen and the Salzburgring in Austria ... my own feeling is that it's going to be one of the most beautiful racetracks in North America. Maybe the most beautiful..."
Peter Egan - Road and Track Magazine

“…People who have been around racing all their lives will be in for a real surprise. Make that a shock. They will need a few days to take it all in. I’ve seen racetracks being built and renovated, but this place is in a league all of its own.”
Jack Baldwin – Porsche Panorama

“…Construction began three years ago. Barber signed up renowned racetrack designer Alan Wilson to create a course that would attract the world’s top motorcycle and car racing series”….
“…The overall attention to detail at Barber Motorsports Park simply boggles the mind. Barber is one of those places you have to see to believe…”
Larry Webster – Car and Driver

“…I got here this morning and took a lap in my rental car – and was ready to pull in and get on my bike…”
“… I ran as long as I could on my tires. They were shagged but I still didn’t want to come in. I was having a heckuva time. It was unbelievable. Thank God that we’ve got this racetrack…”, said Yamaha’s Jamie Hacking.
Evan Williams –

LE CIRCUIT MONT TREMBLANT - Total Circuit Re-design and Reconstruction

“ … Alan’s brief was to make the place safe, but also to keep the challenge and the charm and character of the original track. He did a masterful job….. The result is one of the most scenic, most fluid, best groomed but also most difficult circuits you will ever find…..”
Burt Levy – Vintage Motorsport Magazine

"'s really a stunning track. I'm never going to race in Europe ever again because they spoil the track by putting in those second gear chicanes everywhere. Here they have proper corners. It's amazing. We have fifth and sixth gear corners; hammering around the corners. It's great!"
Andy Wallace - Winner Le Mans 24 Hour race

"...Tremblant is a beautiful race track set in a spectacular mountain setting..They have done a fantastic job in the run-off areas and gravel traps and it looks to be not only fast but a safe place to really push a car..."
Mark Craig -  Grand-Am Cup Driver

“…. It’s a spectacular layout, and it’s loaded with all kinds of exciting corners. It’s everything you look for in a track….”
Chris Dyson - ALMS driver and team owner

"It’s a real drivers track – tricky, technical, daunting, challenging, rewarding and flat-out blind in a couple of key spots! – with far more fast fluid handling sections than opportunities to simply plant your right foot and hang on….”
Burt Levy - Vintage Motorsport Magazine


“… it is just 1.53 miles in length but it packs an awful lot of challenge and adventure into such a short distance. Typical of an Alan Wilson layout it features lots of runoff room along with some teasing and even slightly devilish corner sequences….”
Burt Levy - Vintage Motorsport Magazine

“……. This place is truly a proper version of a real race car track, as Alan Wilson had intended. The track has a fantastic combination of high speed elements that flow very nicely and very challenging technical areas that allow the highly skilled driver show off their worth, yet allow the beginner to have fun……BeaveRun is easily my favorite….”
Karting Magazine

"...It's fantastic. It's one of the best laid-out tracks I've ever ridden on, and that's saying a lot..The course's twelve turns have a pleasant, easy-read flow to them and the kinked straight-aways make for extremely fast racing...They've created a world class facility here, and I'm really impressed with how they've addressed the safety issues by moving the guardrails and positioning the tire walls well out of the motorcycle impact zone if you crash. It's pretty excellent..."
Mike Himmelsbach - Motorcycle Champion - Roadracingworld Magazine

“…This karting circuit, if it isn’t the best in America, is in the top three or four”, Bobby Rahal said.
“…This is the level of quality we’re looking for in our series because for us to produce the best young talent, we have to race on the best circuits. Technically, this is a very difficult circuit for these participants. A lot of the corners are very demanding, and that’s what we’re looking for. As a competitor, you love going to facilities that are done right the first time. This facility is being done that way.”

Chris Dolack – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


"...This is the best kart track I've ever driven on..."
Scott Speed - Karting Champion

“I can attest to Robby’s comments about the new Sears Point karting facility. Indeed the karting track is world class, and I’m confident to say that people will regard it as the best karting track in the United States..”
Renn Ortenburger - Ekartingnews


"... I think the MAM layout is way cool  ... this track falls to hand very nicely with its several compound turn sequences and straights..."
"... this place has the best sight lines of any track I know... From the tower you can see every inch of the layout..."

Rocky Entriken, Sportscar

“…We should have an AMA National here!” said Yamaha’s Matt Wait. “I love this place. It’s the closest thing I’ve ridden here in the States to a GP track, as far as grip, width, corners that require corner speed, double-apex corners, it flows and there’s tons of run-off room.”
RW – Roadracing World


“…To make a successful race track you need the right owner, one who will meet the highest possible standards”, Wilson said.
A lot goes into the designing of a track: what does the owner want, what kinds of events will be held there, what is the size of property, what is the budget? Safety is one of the first concerns and a wide-open track with few barriers was the goal. This Club Racing track was built to meet professional standards.
Jean Munn – Sportscar

The test marked the first time that Champ Cars have run at the facility, and both Fernandez and Team Manager Gustavo del Camp had high praises for the new race track, which was designed by Alan Wilson and opened its doors on March 7, 2003.
“…This track is beautiful, they did a great job here”, said Adrian Fernandez – car owner and driver.
“…It’s got a lot of good corners and some are the likes we see at tracks on the CART schedule. Some are fast, some are slow. That’s good for us to test. For SCCA racers, it’s good because there’s quite a few opportunities for passing.”
Adrian Fernandez –

“…Nothing against the other two facilities in Phoenix, but this is a true road course. It’s very, very nice. One of the most important things for amateur racers, especially beginners, is to be able to race with a lower level of anxiety, there’s plenty of generous runoff room”, said Dan Webb of National Auto Sport Association.
“… Driver’s won’t have to worry about tearing up the cars as much on this racetrack. That’s what we wanted to achieve when Alan Wilson designed it for us”, said John Naughton, General Manager.
Mark Armijo – The Arizona Republic

“… This track is beautiful…They did a great job here …”
Adrian Fernandez – Indy Car Driver


“…. The first truly successful Country Club race facility in North America – a model for the future….”

“… WOW! It’s even better than I thought it was going to be. The track layout is challenging and keeps you thinking the whole time. Definitely not a track you will get bored on. Makes other tracks in the Mid West pale in comparison …”.
Dennis Molloy

”… It’s definitely goes in my top-three tracks in the country. It’s better than Road America…. I think I like it even better than Barber …”.
Mark Junge - Motorcycle champion

“…. the riders were grinning ear-to-ear when they got off their bikes. It ranks right up there with Barber and VIR….”
John Jacobi - Team Vesra rider

“….It’s as if one has gone to heaven! The road course is insanely fun….I had so much fun I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I got home."
Henry Vicioso - Founding Member


“…There is no track in America that equals Calabogie. Know it and believe it ...”.
Linda Rabb – Team Pro-Motion

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