Anyone intending to build a new race track or driver training center or wanting to update older facilities will recognize the advantages of working with a company which has extensive experience in all aspects of these projects and which can lead a team of engineers, architects, and contractors through the project in the most cost effective and least time consuming manner.

Wilson Motorsport uses a simple and effective process by which they are able to assist owners of a new race facility to develop their project:

GENERAL CONSULTING - Subject to an hourly rate and minimum retainer fee.

INITIAL REVIEW - Alan Wilson will undertake an initial project review with the client on the site of the new facility with the goals of developing an understanding of the clients intentions, identifying any potential site and project problem areas and establishing a scope of work. This Initial Review will be subject to agreed fees and a Letter of Agreement.

CONTRACT - Once an intention to proceed has been established Wilson Motorsport and the client will enter into a Formal Agreement which will clearly define the scope of work, both party's specific responsibilities, the agreed fee structure, indemnity provisions and other requirements.

DESIGN PROCEDURES - Wilson Motorsport will then produce a Concept Layout Plan of the facility for client input and approval before proceeding with the Detail Design. Wilson will produce plans to be provided to the client's contracted engineers and architects who will be responsible for generating master drawings for all grading, drainage, construction and permitting needs.

DESIGN GUIDELINES - Wilson Motorsport will provide the client with Design Guidelines, which will include specifications, instructions and information pertinent to the project and which will be the source of general and definitive details crucial to the engineer's, architect's and construction management's understanding of the project.

SAFETY DESIGN - Wilson Motorsport will provide safety system specifications, guidelines and information for detailed design and implementation by client's engineers and contractors which will meet all appropriate standards for potential sanctioning body and insurer approval.

DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY – Wilson Motorsport understands that many race facility projects are developed by persons who may not be experienced in all the different processes and procedures involved. Consequently we provide the project owner with development consultancy services that extend from the initial concept planning through to full facility operation. We have many years of experience working through difficult and intense permitting procedures, including facing such issues as environmental, noise and traffic problems. We have extensive experience working with specialist design companies such as asphalt, safety systems, architecture and engineering companies. We understand the problems involved in developing and training new management and staffing and bring experience in working with the race industry, its sanctioning bodies, organizing clubs, officials and insurance specialists. Wilson Motorsport offers the track developer the benefit of its experience in all these and many other facets of the overall development process, resulting in significant savings in time, money and stress.

DESIGN CONSULTANCY- Wilson Motorsport will provide ongoing consultancy throughout the design process, working with the lead engineers to ensure that all aspects of the detailed designs meet appropriate project goals and specifications.

CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANCY - Wilson Motorsport will provide ongoing consultancy services throughout the construction process to ensure that design goals are implemented as appropriate and to provide hands-on interface to minimize field problems and changes.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY - Wilson Motorsport will provide ongoing consultation services to the developer through all stages of design and construction up to and including the first event to help the owner develop an effective business plan and operating organization for the new facility. This includes interface with insurers and sanctioning bodies.


Wilson Motorsport has extensive experience in all aspects of motor racing management.  Alan and Desiré Wilson and their associates are available to consult, advise and assist clients in the development, management and operation of major race events and race series. 

In order to contract with Wilson Motorsport, please e-mail Alan or Desiré Wilson at, call on Tel: 801-292-1833 or write to:

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